Top 10 Things Businesses Want When Sealing a Consultancy Partnership

In a buoyant market, with clients actively seeking and purchasing new services, it’s critical that your business is being seen and making it to the shortlist stage.
Here at PEX Network, we've decided to put an end to the mystery of what it takes to get to the shortlist stage. We’ve got inside the minds of your clients to understand what they’re thinking about and weighing up as they decide which OpEx consultancy to work with next. If you had that information, how would you change your approach with that client? Which parts of your proposition would you emphasize more? How much more likely would you be to win their business if you knew what they were thinking?
We interviewed the PEX Network Advisory Board and asked them – 'What are your key decision-making criteria when you’re considering the appointment of new OpEx consultants within your business?'

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