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As an industry leader, Micro Strategies is at the forefront of architecting and implementing quality technology solutions in enterprise content management, business process management, records management, document capture, cloud solutions, big data and analytics and mobility. With specific expertise in modern technology solutions for financial services, we understand the specific requirements that need to be met when it comes to compliance, collaboration, capturing and managing documents, workflows, accessing specific documents and sharing content internally and externally in real time. Our solutions help to simplify, secure and improve the efficiency of workflows, provide standardization and streamlining of disparate systems. This means that managing, circulating and securing large numbers of sensitive documents are easier, more controlled and compliant. Our end to end solutions are easy to adopt and use, resulting in increased operational efficiencies and profits. Micro Strategies’ solutions have been implemented in some of the world’s largest financial institutions and include Deal Document Management, Analyst Deal Desk, Front and Back Office Workflows, Managing Risk Models, Derivative Trading Solutions, Employee Contracts Management, Fund Investment Solutions, Loan Process Management and Corporate Legal.

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