January 21 - 25, 2019
Omni Orlando Resort , ChampionsGate, FL

James Dodkins

Principal Consultant
BP Group

8:00 AM A9: Uncovering core values to drive transformation

Create a unique and memorable list of core values that demonstrate who you are and what you stand for as a company. This inspiring workshop will allow you to create employee engagement and unity on a whole new level as well as attractive talent that is a perfect fit for your culture. No matter if this is for the whole company, a division, a department or just your teams, values help drive empowered and confident autonomous decision making.
·         Learn the mind opening questions that uncover real core values
·         Learn the optimum number of core values for maximum traction
·         Learn how to embed your core values into your culture
·         Learn the values of some of the world’s best performing companies and model their format
·         Learn the simple ‘Vale Hack’ that turns values from words into memorable phrases
·         Learn the simple and cost effective internal project that gets everyone immediately talking about, reading about and demonstrating your core values.
·         Learn how value based awards can embed your values into your culture.
·         Learn how ‘Value Awards’ can make your values your employees main focus,
·         ​Learn the importance of employee led core value creation and why a list of values produced by a consultant will never positively effect culture

9:00 AM

The BP Group Certified Process Professional® (CPP) Program: Taking BPM training to an entirely new level
Become a Business Process Professional (CPP Master®) through learning and experiencing the most practical, successful and proven toolkit for process change. This premier series is designed for those seeking advanced professional skills in process management, process improvement, process alignment, customer centricity and innovation.

Certified Process Professional™ (CPP Professional™) – Levels 1&2:  2 days (Applicable to all)
Advanced Business Process Management - Alignment to Successful Outcomes
Develop the insights and techniques to align all processes with successful outcomes, and in doing so create the capability for the organization to win the triple crown i.e. reduce costs, improve revenue and enhance service. Go beyond the triple crown into the Fourth Wave of BPM to way exceed the benefits derived from 3rd Wave approaches such as Six Sigma and Lean. Create the ‘game plan’ that reaches and convinces the Lead team for immediate success.
Advanced Business Process Management – Process Optimization
Learn to apply process diagnostics to existing processes, calculate points of failure, and identify actions that can be taken to improve them. Develop a structured approach accessible by everyone in the organization to enable immediate and significant performance improvements. Create a sustainable operational and strategic method suitable for both dramatic and steady state improvements. Apply process diagnostics to any existing process or service.
Certified Process Professional Master™ (CPP Master™) – Levels 3&4: 2 days (Only applicable to those who have been certified with Level 1 & 2)
Advanced Business Process Management – Process Innovation
Understand and create the Process Innovation Landscape to completely redefine the way processes are operated. By alignment with Successful Customer Outcomes we will uncover the true potential of the process, and in doing so consolidate triple crown wins i.e. simultaneously reducing costs, improving revenue and enhancing service. Establish the right measures for continued success and integrate these into corporate measurement systems e.g. balanced scorecard and strategy maps.
Advanced Business Process Management – Performance Management
We explore and make our territory Performance Management. Advancing beyond legacy approaches we review case studies and through hands-on exercises understand the changed perspective from advanced process management. Specific items covered include:
Ø  Align your Performance Management systems to achieve Successful Outcomes
Ø  Integrate Balanced Scorecard and Strategy Maps with advanced BPM
Ø  Link processes to enterprise business goal
Session attendees will learn how to:
Ø  Exploit process management for triple crown benefits with sustained high performance
Ø  Integration with and evolution to Lean Six Sigma and BPM approaches
Ø  Develop performance metrics for end-to-end processes
Ø  Link processes to enterprise business goal
Ø  Coach and align people for performance and process management
Ø  Improve business performance immediately (15-40% within 30 days) and
Ø  Establish a method to sustain continuous improvement (ongoing annual improvements 15-40%)
Ø  All materials electronically (for your own internal use) and online support
Ø  6 BPM Toolkits (comprehensive templates and resources) to ‘take away’
Ø  Certification as a Certified Process Professional & CPP Master (CPP) Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 (Practitioner, Professional and Master)
Ø  CEMMethod(tm) and the associated SIX toolkits. 12 months license for distribution and updates
Ø  Ongoing resources (videos, webinars, articles) and Annual Refresher (direct and via interactive webinar)
Ø  Unique one to one telephone support (dedicated telephone number)

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