Wednesday 25th January, 2017

07:00 AM Registration & Coffee

08:15 AM Chairman Opening

Brenton Harder, Director, BNY Mellon

Brenton Harder

BNY Mellon

08:30 AM Plenary keynote: 10 Keys to creating a culture of innovation

Tristan Boutros, COO - Product, Technology & Design, The New York Times

The biggest element to success in becoming an innovative company isto create a “culture” of innovation, an environment that encourages creativeideas and discovery on an ongoing basis. In this keynote session, Tristan willoutline the 10 key areas to create a culture of innovations.

Tristan Boutros

COO - Product, Technology & Design
The New York Times

09:00 AM An ANZ Bank Transformation case study: Disruptive business model vs. process improvement: What’s your winning recipe

Nina Muhleisen, Head of World Class Delivery Model, ANZ

A large transformation is taking place at ANZ globally as part ofthe bank’s journey to becoming “A World Class” bank. Starting with the keycustomer journeys, Nina and her dedicated team are designing what journey lookslike in two years, including how to become the best digital bank to createvalue for customers in different ways. With the guiding vision, the team thenlink that back to the current process to decide how the goal can be achieved inthe time frame and what next 30/60/90 days schedule needs to be. Nina will share with us how the journey hasprogressed in this session:

  • What does a world classcustomer journey look like in ANZ
  • Developing an end to endtransformation process
  • Key efforts and experiencesharing in developing a digital bank
  • How are automation and cloudtechnologies enhancing the transformation

Nina Muhleisen

Head of World Class Delivery Model

9:30 AM The Stairway to Operations Transformation: How Analog Companies Become Digital Companies through Intelligent Automation

Adam Devine, Vice President Marketing, WorkFusion
Every enterprise born before the 1990s was born analog, and every analog business must become a digital business to win in the years ahead. Rather than ripping out layers of infrastructure, intelligent automation allows operations to digitize without disruption. This presentation will help ops leads understand the sequence and impact of technologies such as RPA, cognitive automation, chatbots and crowdsourcing and how to put them to work.
  • What are the bottlenecks that limit every analog operation?
  • What are the technologies that eliminate each bottleneck?
  • How are best-in-class businesses putting them to work?

Adam Devine

Vice President Marketing

Sponsored by: WorkFusion

10:00 AM PEX Network Awards Winners Panel Showcase

The 2017 OPEX Network Awards Winners will share insights on their winning projects and programs. Find out the strategies and techniques that they put in place, the hurdles they overcame, and ask your questions as we open up to the audience for an extended Q&A session.

10:30 AM Coffee Break & Networking in the Exhibition Hall

Business Architechure

11:00 AM Case study: Using business architecture to enable transformational initiatives

Diana Krohn, Principal Enterprise Architect, United Airlines
  • Leveraging business architecture to rapidly and effectively scope and execute strategicinitiatives
  • Understanding the benefits and fundamentals ofcapability-led assessment and delivery
  • Collaboratingwith your business partners and enable transformational change
  • Casestudy for managing the post United & Continental merger maintenance project

Diana Krohn

Principal Enterprise Architect
United Airlines

Alice Wei

Director of Digital Innovation
University South Florida

Process Governance

11:00 AM Delivering process excellence and business transformation through effective process ownership and PMO

Samantha Bureau-Johnson, Vice President, Business Process Excellence & Project Management Offic, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Samantha and her team are responsible forgoverning and delivering an annual investment of $278M in enterprise portfolioinitiatives, to drive transformation goals that are in line with businessstrategy. Combining core principals of lean six sigma and Business Architecturebest practices, two key elements that have contributed a great deal to theirsuccess: a robust process ownership model and PMO. In this session, Samanthawill share how they have leveraged these core elements to deliver large,complex enterprise wide transformation.

  • Developing an effective process ownership modelto achieve the next level of efficiency
  • Business architecture and intelligence enhancingbusiness transformation
  • Delivering large scale projects through PMO

Samantha Bureau-Johnson

Vice President, Business Process Excellence & Project Management Offic
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina

Sustainable transformation

11:00 AM Transformation journey towards Person Centred Care to live true to your vision

Harold Strawbridge, Vice President of Innovation and Continuous Improvement, Inglis

Inglis has started on a major transformation - awayfrom traditional, institutional nursing home care units - to a home orientedatmosphere. Harold and his team are leading the efforts of building end to endprocesses to enhance this particularly meaningful journey.

  • A transformation that serves true tothe organisations mission
  • Making process visible and drivingthe definition of process redesign
  • Developing end to end processes todrive continuous improvement

Harold Strawbridge

Vice President of Innovation and Continuous Improvement

Business Architechure

11:35 AM Panel Discussion: Driving strategic value through business architecture and business design

Gerry McCool, Senior Director, Organizational Effectiveness, Jabil Michael Noonan, Director, Business Architecture, Capita Liz Harada, Director, Business Process, HAVI

There’sa great deal of misunderstanding that business architecture an IT issue. Thepanellists in this session will clear the air and demonstrate how businessarchitecture is a strategic tool to add value to your business transformation

  • Solving large, complex businessproblems through business architecture and business design
  • Augment your existinganalytical-based toolset with design thinking
  • Examine the synergies betweenbusiness design and process excellence
  • Understand the cultural contextfor problem-solving styles and know when to apply business architecture

Gerry McCool

Senior Director, Organizational Effectiveness

Michael Noonan

Director, Business Architecture

Liz Harada

Director, Business Process
By driving out complexity and translating scale into agility, your business can be so much more nimble and agile to deliver value to your customer faster and more accurate. In this session, our panellists from leading organisations will discuss key strategic areas of focus for developing a more agile business model.
  • How can business and operational agility deliver more value to your business and customers?
  • The changing dynamics of speed, quality and cost –how to achieve the best balance?
  • Where to focus to develop strategic level andoperational level agility

Alice Wei

Director of Digital Innovation
University South Florida

Aaron Washburn

Director, Business Process Improvement
CME Group Inc.

Greg Bergmann

Senior Director of BPM
Triad Retail

Malcolm Ross

Vice President, Product
Appian Corporation

Process Governance

11:35 AM Case study: Transforming towards Enterprise Excellence at Bristol-Myers Squibb

Rick Hepp, Executive Director, Operational Excellence, Bristol-Myers Squibb

As a leadingpharmaceutical company, Bristol-Myers Squibb’s Global Manufacturing &Supply Division is moving towards a best-in-class model of Enterprise Excellence.It is about linking the data and process mindset of Operational Excellencefocused on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) with Guiding Principles andCulture of Key Behaviours Indicators (KBIs) into strategy making. They have setout a Vision 2020 and from top management with Operational Excellence team, thewhole organisation is laser focused on delivering that vision and this sessionwill shed lights in how Rick and his team are achieving this.

  • UsingHoshin Kanri planning to strategically layout where the business is going
  • IntegratingOperational Excellence approach with your mission and vision
  • LinkingKPIs and KBIs through an Enterprise Excellence framework
  • Acceleratingdecision making with insights generated from big data information to driveIdeal Results
  • Howto make the systems talk to each other to provide real time visibility
  • Lettinggo of the Status Quo to achieve Enterprise Excellence

Rick Hepp

Executive Director, Operational Excellence
Bristol-Myers Squibb

One of the mostchallenging areas for business transformation is to make your transformationefforts last. In this session, the panellists will bring forward innovativeideas and best practices on how to sustain their business transformation.

  • Howdo you keep it going?
  • Whatare the best practices in sustaining your transformation efforts?
  • Whatcan we learn from unsuccessful operational excellence projects?

Mike Huszar


Penny Meier

Vice President, Lean Deployment
Ameriprise Financial

Ilir Morina

Former Director of Operational Excellence

Garret Etgen

Senior Director and Six Sigma Champion, Lilly Research Laboratories Operati
Eli Lilly and Company

Business Architechure

12:10 PM Case study: Enterprise process excellence for business growth

Aaron Washburn, Director, Business Process Improvement, CME Group Inc. Anish Sharan, Manager, Business Process Improvement, CME Group Inc.

Enterpriseprocess excellence is widely accepted as a powerful method for organisationalefficiency and cost reduction; However, how is it improving your business topline by enabling your business growth? Aaron and Anish will share a case studyfrom CME group to address this.

Aaron Washburn

Director, Business Process Improvement
CME Group Inc.

Anish Sharan

Manager, Business Process Improvement
CME Group Inc.


12:10 PM Achieving the next level operational agility and speed to market

Greg Bergmann, Senior Director of BPM, Triad Retail
  • Redefine speed to market in the digital age of competition
  • What are the key challenges for achieving faster speed tomarket?
  • How to reduce your product cycle and operational leadtime toachieve the next level of agility?

Greg Bergmann

Senior Director of BPM
Triad Retail

Process Governance

12:10 PM Transformational Global Change – The UBS PEX Way

Ryan Mayer, Director, Lean Academy of the America, PEX Center of Expertise, UBS
  • Embedding Lean best practices within bespoke ProcessExcellence (PEX) methodologies for Financial Services
  • An explanation of the UBS PEX way and its inherenttransformation methodologies; Team by Team and Value Stream Optimization
  • How to choose the appropriate PEX methodology dependent onthe business problem and transformation objective
  • A case study demonstrating the significant business resultsachieved from deployment of the UBS PEX way

Ryan Mayer

Director, Lean Academy of the America, PEX Center of Expertise

Sustainable transformation

12:10 PM Why improvement initiatives fail: Top 5 reasons for OpEx Implementation Failure

Mike Huszar, President, DRIVE Inc.
  • The world has been focused on business improvement fordecades with various names. Why do most fail?
  • Presenting market data showing that most do fail and definewhat success looks like
  • Outlining the top five reasons for a lack of full successwith countermeasures for each

Mike Huszar


A lot can change in 10 years in today’s business world. In the last decade, we have seenexplosive development of social media, exponential connectivity enabled bymobile devices, disruptive players out throwing traditional strong industries,and digital transformation coming into our every day life and business world.And what will the future hold? How businesses will be shaped and what businessprocesses will look like in another 10 years? PEX network gathers our visionarypanels to give their perditions.

  • Thechanging face of business operations
  • Howoperational excellence becoming more strategic to enable business capability
  • Top5 predictions of process excellence in 2017
  • Fromincremental to disruptive: Will there be a breakthrough moment and when wouldthat be?

Rick Hepp

Executive Director, Operational Excellence
Bristol-Myers Squibb

Roop Singh

Business Process Architect
Secure Works

Garret Etgen

Senior Director and Six Sigma Champion, Lilly Research Laboratories Operati
Eli Lilly and Company

2:00 PM PEX Network Closing

An inspirational session for women leaders in the operational excellence and business transformation world to discuss how they can assist with building business capabilities whilst accelerating their own leadership career! What will be covered in this session

  • Introduction from PEX Network: How do we see female participation in the past 18 years and why is it important to have the female leaders together
  • Diversity Overview: How female leadership are more important in todays business excellence and process improvement world
  • Panel discussion from senior women leaders: Tell your stories to inspire the other women leaders
  • Q&A: Your opportunity to raise any questions around women leadership in OPEX

Simone Knight

Director, Operational Excellence
Univision Communications Inc.

Christina Gasperino

Director of Employee Relations & Services
WellCare Health Plans

Mia Leondakis

Vice President, Business Transformation & Automation

Erika Westbay

Program Director, BPM
The Nature Conservancy

Teresa Logue

Head of Operational Transformation

Deb Lindway

Director, Enterprise Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement
Key Bank

2:30 PM Site Tour

2 site tours. Limit to 25 people each.