Tuesday 24th January, 2017

07:00 AM Registration & Coffee

07:45 AM Corporate Leaders' Breakfast Brieifing

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8:00 AM Chairman Opening

Brenton Harder, Director, BNY Mellon

Brenton Harder

BNY Mellon

8:15 AM Keynote case study: Redefining your customer journey: How eBay excels with a customer centric operational excellence

Steven Carleton, COO - Global Shipping, eBay Inc

As a business and industry disruptor, eBay understands first hand what a world-class customer journey means to the long term business advantage. Passionate about delivering customer-centric business excellence throughout the business, Steve will share the journey about how eBay embeds the customer needs into their process excellence strategies . He will also discuss how his current role is fixing some of the eBay buyers and sellers’ greatest pain points.

  • Establishing customer journey maps to identify what customers really want, rather than what employees think they want
  • Leveraging the Voice of the Customer and feedback tools to develop customer-centric products and processes
  • Building improvement strategies around the greatest customer pain points to improve long-term satisfaction

Steven Carleton

COO - Global Shipping
eBay Inc

8:45 AM Keynote: Digital Workforce and the Future of OPEX

Mihir Shukla, Chief Executive Officer, Automation Anywhere
From supply chains to production to customer experience, digitization is transforming the way industry functions-and unleashing global opportunities for value creation. The Future of OPEX is about to be disrupted. Digital tsunamis are also changing the largest asset in your organization - your employees and the processes they create and follow.
Ushering in an era of the Digital Workforce, Mihir Shukla, CEO of Automation Anywhere will share with you the disruptions that are leading up to the change in OPEX and what it means for your workforce today. Join us and learn about the 3 key decisions you need to make now to position yourself for the Digital Future.

Mihir Shukla

Chief Executive Officer
Automation Anywhere

Sponsored by: Automation Anywhere

9:15 AM Keynote case study: A fundamentally transformational business case through virtualisation, analytics and operational excellence

Donald Kuk, Vice President, Global Business Transformation, AIG

Is OPEX only for incremental improvement?Donald gives a big no as the answer with what he has achieved with his team inAIG. In a few short months time, AIG has virtualised their entire operations inIsrael by bringing business from traditional brick & mortar model intohandheld and online devices. The project has resulted in 40% increase inefficiency and created $1billion top line business value.

  • Transforming your business fundamentally withan operational excellence mind and set of skills
  • Construct an effective virtual business modelthrough analysing and simplifying data around customer behaviours and patterns
  • Reengineer the Go-to-market strategies

Donald Kuk

Vice President, Global Business Transformation

9:45 AM Coffee Break & networking in the Exhibition Hall

10:15 AM Solution Demonstration Drive

Take the time to learn about the latest and most innovative technologies available to the industry! Rotate around the exhibition hall watching live technology demonstrations and learn about innovative solutions. Select a booth and gather to hear about the participating sponsor’s products/services. Take away new ideas, knowledge and a few laughs.

11:00 AM IDG 1: Cognitive computing and cloud technologies enabling business transformation & innovation

  • What’s the promise cognitivecomputing can deliver to business transformation?
  • Better align IT and businessgroups with clouds technologies to achieve tangible business results
  • Redefining collaborationthrough cognitive and cloud technologies to deliver innovation and end to endprocess excellence

Sponsored by: Prolifics

11:00 AM IDG 2: Operational excellence in integrated supply chain

  • What is the best approach todevelop a true integrated pulling supply chain
  • Identifying and removingcomplexity in the overall supply chain operations
  • Extend your operationalexcellence culture to your suppliers

11:00 AM IDG 3: Developing and identifying business transformation leaders

Christina Gasperino, Director of Employee Relations & Services, WellCare Health Plans
  • What are the required skillsets for business transformation leaders?
  • What and behavioural attributesyou should be looking for?
  • Can you develop these leaderswithin your organisation?

Christina Gasperino

Director of Employee Relations & Services
WellCare Health Plans

11:00 AM IDG 4: New expectations for modern BPM

Philip Gude, Vice President Sales & General Manager,
  • Beyond automaton: what are thenew business expectations on modern BPM?
  • Building data into process anddecisions: How to achieve this with a robust and intelligent system
  • How can you enhance yourcustomer journey though enhanced connectivity?

Philip Gude

Vice President Sales & General Manager

Sponsored by: Bonitasoft

11:00 AM IDG 5: Large scale business transformation: How to actively engage key stakeholders for sustainable improvement?

Matt Huemmer, Operational Excellence Lead, UCB
  • How much should seniorleadership get involved in your large scale transformation projects?
  • Identifying and engaging keystakeholders to ensure sustainable results
  • What are the best practices inobtaining buy in?

Matt Huemmer

Operational Excellence Lead

11:00 AM IDG 6: Making change happen, and make it stick: Effective and sustainable change management

  • How much should senior leadership get involved in your large scale transformation projects?
  • Identifying and engaging key stakeholders to ensure sustainable results
  • What are the best practices in obtaining buy in?

11:00 AM IDG 7: KPIs and metrics for process excellence measurement and governance

Richard Whitehead, Chief Operating Officer, CSL Software Solutions Inc
  • How do develop an effective governance model on an enterprise level
  • What can you measure in additional to financial results?
  • What are the key metrics to use?

Richard Whitehead

Chief Operating Officer
CSL Software Solutions Inc

11:00 AM IDG8: RPA & AI: Separating the truths from the myths

  • Is RPA applicable to allprocesses?
  • What’s the best approach togenerate optimised results from RPA?
  • How will RPA mobilise yourhuman capitals?

11:00 AM IDG9: Develop the next level business insights thought data & analytics

  • How do you build a clean andeffective data warehouse?
  • How can you visualise your datato make business decisions?
  • How to make your data setscommunicate with each other for integrated and advanced business insights?

11:00 AM IDG10: Linking your strategy with process through an robust business architecture

Michael Noonan, Director, Business Architecture, Capita
  • Providing a blueprint toexecute your strategy through process design and implementation
  • Connecting business flow andinformation flow to develop synergy
  • Why is Business Architect astrategic role than a technical role – and how do they contribute to yourbusiness transformation?

Michael Noonan

Director, Business Architecture

11:00 AM IDG11: Lean enterprise transformation

  • Providing a blueprint to execute your strategy through process design and implementation
  • Connecting business flow and information flow to develop synergy
  • Why is Business Architect as trategic role than a technical role – and how do they contribute to your business transformation?

11:00 AM IDG12: Customer centric process re-design

  • Turning our attention frominward looking to external customers: which channels can we look at?
  • What does a customer centricprocess look like?
  • It doesn’t necessarily need tobe a large project: What are the tools and tactics you can use?

Sponsored by: Microsoft Project

Sponsored by: Microsoft Visio

11:00 AM IDG13: Maximising operational performance of complex projects through simulation modelling and optimisation

  • Evaluate different implicationsof business decisions to forecast the maximum result
  • Utilising simulation modellingfor demand planning and integrated supply chain
  • How to build a successfulsimulation project for complex projects
  • What are the key challengesthat may occur during the execution

11:00 AM IDG14: Design thinking: From process excellence to process innovation

John Olson, VP Business Transformation, Johnson Controls Flávio Piwowarczyk, Director, Business Transformation, Johnson Controls
  • A shift of focus from costcutting to innovation and top line initiatives: The key driver for designthinking
  • Design thinking is not aboutdesigners. What it is then?
  • How to achieve exponentialgrowth with design thinking

John Olson

VP Business Transformation
Johnson Controls

Flávio Piwowarczyk

Director, Business Transformation
Johnson Controls

11:00 AM IDG15: Creating agility and efficiency through Social, Mobile & Cloud technologies

  • Developing a holistic digitalframework
  • How do you digitally redefineyour customer journey and end to end process
  • The changing face ofcommunication through social and mobile technologies

11:00 AM IDG16: The emergence of Internet of Things (IOT) and what does it mean to manufacturing excellence and operational excellence?

  • What happens when your assetsare connected together though wearables, sensors and smart machines?
  • The future is now: But wherecan I start?
  • Where can IOT make the biggestdifference in operational excellence terms and what’s stopping it fromhappening?

11:00 AM IDG17: Intelligent Automation as part of Digitalization: When should you automate?

Marios Stavropoulos, Chief Executive Officer, Softomotive
  • Fully identify and understand how to automate enterprise processes
  • Why and how robotic automation is a must

Marios Stavropoulos

Chief Executive Officer

Sponsored by: Softomotive

11:00 AM IDG18: Embedding an improvement culture in an age of disruption

  • How to change behaviours?
  • How to sustain your improvementefforts?
  • How is the work environmentchanging and how does that effect continuous improvement efforts

11:00 AM IDG19: Supporting your business vision through OPEX 2.0

  • Define OPEX 2.0: What are thekey elements?
  • Developing businesscapabilities in process, people and technology
  • How does OPEX 2.0 leading toachieve your business vision

11:00 AM IDG20: Marketing and sales excellence: can you improve processes that rely on creativity?

  • Mapping out your marketing andsales process to identify improvement opportunities
  • Identifying tools that could bebest deployed in marketing and sales environment
  • How to change your cultureamongst creative minds?
  • Enhancing your customer journeythrough marketing and sales transformation

11:00 AM IDG21: Lean vs. six sigma vs. BPM: What’s the best fitted improvement tool for you?

  • Which tool do you use for yourimprovement projects and why?
  • How to measure theeffectiveness of your tools?
  • How to make the best use ofyour improvement tool?
  • How is BPM complementing yourlean six sigma transformation?

11:00 AM IDG22: Predictive analysis assisting business decisions and business strategies

  • What is predictive analysis andhow does it affect your business decisions?
  • Which processes can benefitform predictive analysis
  • Getting there faster and moreaccurately with predictive analysis

11:00 AM IDG23: Industry focus: Financial services transformation

Deb Lindway, Director, Enterprise Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Key Bank
  • Business transformation infinancial services: A balance act between compliance and improvement
  • What are the key challenges forfinancial services business transformation
  • What are the most effectivetools and methods?
  • Leveraging operationalexcellence to manage your risks

Deb Lindway

Director, Enterprise Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement
Key Bank

11:00 AM IDG24: Industry focus: Healthcare transformation

  • The changing face of healthcareindustry: What are the key challenges?
  • Healthcare digitaltransformation journey: Where are we now?
  • How is healthcare industryleveraging technology to provide more value to patients?

11:00 AM IDG25: Industry focus: Operational excellence for high growth/technology companies

  • Developing process excellence capabilities: A marriage between technology and change management
  • Adopting an enterprise level process excellence framework
  • Achieving quick wins: Identifying processes that can be improved quickly

1:00 PM Lunch & Networking in the Exhibition Hall

Automation, RPA & AI

2:00 PM Building A centre Of Robotics excellence: Preparing for The life cycle Of business change

Leonardo Roman, Director, Robotic Process Automation CoE, Prudential Financial
  • How is Robotic automation working hand in hand with BPM efforts
  • Developing a center of excellence (COE) to scalable and effective competencies and capabilities
  • Gaining quick wins to transform into entering enterprise-wide adoption

Leonardo Roman

Director, Robotic Process Automation CoE
Prudential Financial

Business Transformation

2:00 PM Case study: Enabling business transformation through an end to end approach

Mia Leondakis, Vice President, Business Transformation & Automation, VMWare

As a leading technology company, VMWare has a unique position with their digital transformation and process excellence journey. Marrying key principles of process excellence with technology enabled capability development; the transformation team is focused on creating business value through an strategic end to end approach. In this session, you will hear how their journey has evolved and what are the key elements delivering success.

  • Where the journey started: from improvement projects to strategic value mapping
  • Enabling transformation through 4 key elements: Business architecture, Portfolio planning, Process excellence & change management
  • Developing a robust value evaluation framework
  • What are the future steps

Mia Leondakis

Vice President, Business Transformation & Automation

OPEX 2.0

2:00 PM Case study: Boosting the bottom line, faster through tech enabled process simplification and improved visibility

Brian Lundquist, Chief Operating Officer, Milk Specialties Company

In jut 3 months, Milk Specialties Global has saved over $1.3M with improved visibility on their continuous excellence strategies.This session will shed lights on how they have achieved this step by step:

  • Creating a Heatmap of 28 standards in 30 days
  • Deploying the standardized processes to all locations in 2 weeks
  • Assess the standards to provide a meaningful baseline
  • Prioritize, manage and execute improvement work resulting in bottom line boosting savings

Brian Lundquist

Chief Operating Officer
Milk Specialties Company

Customer Centricity

2:00 PM Case study: Leveraging process improvement and human centered design to build a shared framework for designing, testing and implementing customer centric solutions

Dennis Deas, Managing Director, Enterprise Performance Improvement, Kaiser Permanente David Robinson, Director, Organization Excellence, Kaiser Permanente
  • Facilitate operational change: what needs to be done?
    • A single view of breakthrough opportunities and a shared approach to move from disparate incremental changes to systematic and structured bold efforts
    • Centralized resources to address priorities using a project management model report directly to senior leadership
  • Viewing every service, product, and interaction as a human experience for improvement
    • Learning deeply from customers using interviews and ethnography
    • Leveraging customers as partners in identifying problems and revising solutions
    • Technological innovation occurs in service of programs that meet customer's needs
  • Developing a robust performance improvement capacity: here's how we did it
    • Start small and spread success at a pace that has the end in mind
    • 116,000 individuals in 3,532 unit based teams, 77% operate at level4/5
    • 40% service areas have sustainable improvement systems, cumulative financial value to date $412M
    • Targeting customer needs with new solutions to manage growth

Dennis Deas

Managing Director, Enterprise Performance Improvement
Kaiser Permanente

David Robinson

Director, Organization Excellence
Kaiser Permanente

Track A

2:35 PM Panel Discussion: How is Robotic Process Automation (RPA) enhancing agility and global operational excellence

Emma Kamo, Senior Process Improvement Leader, City National Rochdale
The question of “hype or reality?” has been laid to rest – RPA and AI are both realities. The task now is to identify and debunk some of the common misconceptions surrounding these new technologies, and this interactive panel will debate some of these headline-grabbing statements to uncover what is really possible for your business.

Emma Kamo

Senior Process Improvement Leader
City National Rochdale
  • Driving a global enterprise widetransformation: What’s your approach and where do you start?
  • Developing and streamlining operational frameworkthroughout manufacturing, commercial & transactional operations
  • You can’t manage it if you can’tmeasure it: How to develop an effective governance and measurement framework?
  • How to sustain your operationalexcellence efforts?

Joe D'Apollonio

Operational Excellence Leader, IT and Business Process Management
Ingersoll Rand

Ryan Mayer

Director, Lean Academy of the America, PEX Center of Expertise

Christy Hartner

Senior Vice President
Commerce Bank

Eric Mattenson

Senior Director, Lean Six Sigma

John Olson

VP Business Transformation
Johnson Controls

Sponsored by: TrackVia

Track C

2:35 PM A Dr Pepper’s secret recipe in efficiency boosted productivity and profit

Scott Paape, VP, Rapid Continuous Improvement, Dr Pepper Snapple

Dr Pepper’s share price has risen about 15% over the past year and roughly doubled since 2013. This is achieved when the soda-industry volumes have fallen in 11 straight years in the U.S. The secret recipe lies in higher profits driven by efficiency improvements, internally called Rapid Continuous Improvement (RCI).Scott will share how RCI looks like in their operations and how the team has achieved significant efficiency through laser focusing on crushing costs and grow revenue.

  • Setting a vision straight from group CEO and CFO
  • Leading the transformation that takes over the entire organization: improvements goes way beyond manufacturing
  • Moving from good to excellence in all parameters
  • Measuring improvements with a robust financial tracking system
  • RCI as the core skill sets for future leaders: sustaining the transformation

Scott Paape

VP, Rapid Continuous Improvement
Dr Pepper Snapple

Track D

2:35 PM Panel discussion: Delivering a differentiating, frictionless customer experience through a process-led transformation

Russell Ollie, Director, Operational Excellence, General Motors David Hadd, Senior Vice President Corporate Continuous Improvement & Project Management, Webster Bank
  • Are you inside-out or outside-in?Designing a customer-centric process
  • How to focus on customer value?Customer journey experience sharing from various industries
  • Include the Customer in the designof the process to get their view of the changes: What are the process tools tohelp you achieving this?
  • Designing each moment ofinteraction to deliver and exceed customer expectations

Russell Ollie

Director, Operational Excellence
General Motors

David Hadd

Senior Vice President Corporate Continuous Improvement & Project Management
Webster Bank

Track A

3:10 PM RPA and Lean Strategies to enhance agility in a changing market place

To respond to rapidly changing markets, companies must be ready to implement change initiatives well in advance of the inflection points in their business. This session will explore how to implement the elements of lean, scum, Robotics, Business Intelligence to achieve operational agility.
  • A Western Union business transformation journey to be more agile to adapt to the changing market
  • Agility from lean principles: developing a framework that responds to customer and employee needs rapidly
  • What are the key business intelligent tools to empower agility: Robotics and big data journey

Track B

3:10 PM Aligning your IT strategies with your enterprise-wide business transformation

  • Realigning your business processstrategies to deliver business valuefaster
  • Developing an agile solution notonly quick to deploy and adaptable to changing business needs
  • Transforming your business throughlow code BPM solutions

Sponsored by: TrackVia

Track C

3:10 PM Case study: Driving Operational Excellence – Technology & Tools to Support a Decentralized Approach

Sushanta Sahu, Director, Manufacturing Systems, Global Manufacturing Strategy, National Oilwell Varco
National Oilwell Varco, Inc. (NOV) is a leading worldwide provider of equipment used in oil and gas drilling and production operations, oilfield services, and supply chain integration services to the upstream oil and gas industry. NOV’s large product variety, geographic spread, and the cultural diversity makes it difficult to take a "one size fits all" approach to Operational Excellence. Instead, the organization has focused on building the capability of the workforce to autonomously drive improvement and arming them with the tools to be successful. This session will highlight the following:
  • NOV’s unique challenges related to its industry, market, and size
  • How NOV is resourced to support operational improvement
  • How NOV is aligning the improvement initiatives taking place in operations to the broader business strategy
  • What the next few years will look like as NOV expands the deployment of tools deemed critical to driving the improvement agenda of the business

Sushanta Sahu

Director, Manufacturing Systems, Global Manufacturing Strategy
National Oilwell Varco

Track D

3:10 PM Deep Change: Reinventing the customer and employee experience by going digital inside and outside the organization

Natalie Schubert, National Director, Enterprise Consulting Services, Ricoh USA, Inc. Mary Sylvester, Global Client Advisor, Enterprise Consulting Services, Ricoh USA, Inc.

Organizations struggle to keep pace with the ever changing business environment. Customers and employees are becoming more tech-savvy and are looking to have more information at their fingertips to help them work more efficiently and effectively. However, the digital maturity inside and outside the organization is often unbalanced and deep change is needed for true digital transformation to occur. Considering these pressing challenges, Schubert and Sylvester will share real-world examples of a holistic and customer-centric approach to creating value and truly achieving organizational transformation.

  • Discuss how enabling enterprises can reliably create value in today's rapidly changing environment by leveraging a holistic approach
  • Understand the importance of developing customer-centric, digital strategies both inside and outside the organization
  • Learn how to achieve business transformation through strategic organizational change management

Natalie Schubert

National Director, Enterprise Consulting Services
Ricoh USA, Inc.

Mary Sylvester

Global Client Advisor, Enterprise Consulting Services
Ricoh USA, Inc.

Sponsored by: Ricoh

3:45 PM Coffee Break and networking in the Exhibition Hall

Data Analytics

4:15 PM Disrupting the industry and accelerating your business capability through process excellence and analytics

Hauke Schupp, Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence, Ten-X

Imagine buying and selling Real-Estate completely online… Imagine a single onlinetransaction of $96 million… That’s what is happening on the nation’s leadingonline real estate transaction platform, Ten-X. The tremendous customerconfidence and satisfaction that the Ten-X experience offers is anchored in thecompany’s strong analytics capabilities and process excellence strategies.Hauke Schupp will share how these strategies have propelled the company alongits path to disrupt a $2 trillion industry, discussing such topics as:

  • How process excellencestrategies are driving top line growth and bottom line results
  • How design thinking createsoperational agility
  • How to differentiate throughanalytics
  • How all of this is done withcustomer needs at the core of process design

Hauke Schupp

Senior Vice President, Operational Excellence


4:15 PM Innovation Through Simplification: Ideas or People?

Jose Pires, Vice President and Director, Business Excellence, Black & Veatch Corporation

Therehas been a myth: innovation is about ideas. Jose will challenge this with hispowerful session focusing on innovation as a disciplined approach.

  • Innovations is about people
  • Understanding what types ofpeople will foster innovations
  • How to identify people withcharacteristics of Passion, Discipline, and Resilience?

Jose Pires

Vice President and Director, Business Excellence
Black & Veatch Corporation

Leadership & Culture

4:15 PM Case study: Developing a robust leadership program with operational excellence culture

Kevin Wojcikewych, Global Head, Business Optimization, Novella Clinical, a Quintiles Company

Kevin Wojcikewych

Global Head, Business Optimization
Novella Clinical, a Quintiles Company

Business Transformation through Operational Efficiency

4:15 PM Digital Transformation Case Study: T. Rowe Price

John Townsend, Vice President, T. Rowe Price Scott Quartner, Vice President, T. Rowe Price
Once thought of as simply “going paperless”, the age of digital business transformation has come to impact all levels of an organization. This session will focus on the key strategic questions that T. Rowe Price asked when they undertook the daunting task of transforming their digital operations.
  • How much do you want to / need to change?
  • How do you embed a risk focus within your organization without stifling innovation?
  • How do you anticipate the regulatory changes?
  • Are you positioned to satisfy your customers’ increasing demand for information, personalization and the immediate? What will your clients of the future look like?

John Townsend

Vice President
T. Rowe Price

Scott Quartner

Vice President
T. Rowe Price

Track A

4:50 PM Better insights through business intelligence: Leveraging advanced analytics to drive customer satisfaction and lower operational costs

With the aim of improving customer satisfaction andoptimizing consumer banking operational processes, James and his analytics teamhave built the internal expertise in advanced modelling and predictiveanalytics.

  • Leading the business transformation with customersatisfaction in mind
  • Process simplification through implementing and perfectingbusiness intelligence and analytics tools
  • Good data driving good insights for better decision making:how is this all taking place at JP Morgan Chase?

Have you ever been told in a meeting: This is the way it’s always been done? It’stime to challenge that with the new design thinking tools and methods andre-invent the processes, products and services that no longer add value to yourclients! In this session, we will hear an excellent example of how design thinking works:

  • How can design thinking beincorporated in your strategy planning and process improvement
  • Developing a framework andtoolkits for design thinking
  • Encouraging human-centredinnovation through design thinking

Chuck Brandon

Director, Process Improvement Program Office
U.S Army

John Fitzgerald

Executive Director, Design and Innovation

Chris McGill

Master Blackbelt
Cintas Corporation

Track C

4:50 PM Culture by design: Creating a powerful and sustainable continuous improvement culture

Eric Pope, VP Operations, US Synthetic
  • What are key process andleadership principles for creating a CI culture
  • Guiding your culture change witha designed process
  • How are leaders’ behavioursdriving culture
  • How to align and engage yourworkforce all the way to front line workers

Eric Pope

VP Operations
US Synthetic

Track D

4:50 PM Winners Keep Score – A Panel Discussion on Performance Analytics and Workforce Management

Patrick Ferguson, Patrice Leader, DST Systems Ralph Heist, Vice President, Argus Health

You have lean operations staff, but still have constant pressures to be better,faster and cheaper. Your staff is completing work, but lack of adequate forecasting tools leads to reactive management. Metrics exist, but they aren’t sufficient to adequately track associate production and engagement. Business operations groups are more challenged than ever to find solutions that drive process efficiencies and embed cultural change. This session features a panel of several companies that have implemented(or are in the process of implementing), a formal workforce transformation and performance analytics system … with phenomenal results.

  • Increasing efficiency of over 100%, while also increasing quality
  • Reduction of overtime by as much or more than 60%
  • Increase in associate engagements cores
  • ROI of greater than 4:1

Patrick Ferguson

Patrice Leader
DST Systems

Ralph Heist

Vice President
Argus Health

Track A

5:25 PM Creating and maximising business value through Business Intelligence (BI)

Greg Steffine, Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics Competency Center, Key Bank
While research indicates that Business Intelligence (BI) is now a high-priority for business process teams, using it to create and maximize value is a lot easier said than done. In this session, discover:
  • Ways to overcome the 4 primary challenges associated with BI planning and execution
  • Methods to create, validate, and communicate requirements that accelerate decision-making
  • How to deliver quick wins that drive end-user adoption and long-lasting solutions

Greg Steffine

Director, Business Intelligence & Analytics Competency Center
Key Bank

Track B

5:25 PM Putting the Customer at the Center of Business Operations

Amy Dickson, IBM Offering Management, Process Transformation, IBM
Customers expect a seamless experience, despite the complexity introduced by digital technologies. According to experts, the experience delivered through your business operations can lead to a 30 to 50% increase in the likelihood of a customer to buy a new product or renew their existing one. This session highlights the need for business operations to shift focus and resources to improving the customer journey, building a consistent, innovative customer experience and freeing up knowledge workers.

Amy Dickson

IBM Offering Management, Process Transformation

Sponsored by: IBM

Track C

5:25 PM Blended Learning: How the quest for a better way to teach Yellow Belts morphed into an enterprise-wide technology-powered learning deployment

George Turner, Senior Vice President Six Sigma, WestRock Company

Thissession explains how WestRock Corporation – a 40,000 employee manufacturer ofpackaging products that get its customers’ products from the shop floor to thefront door.

  • Assess the benefits and limitations of its 100%instructor-led Lean Six Sigma training process
  • Learn about piloting, establishing momentum, and gainingbuy-in to an expansive application of the blended learning model of OpusWorks®,by The Quality Group
  • Deploy the blended model for Operational Excellence includingsignificant wins, keys to success and lessons learned

George Turner

Senior Vice President Six Sigma
WestRock Company

Track D

5:25 PM Digital Transformation – Key Trends, Drivers, Impediments and Outcomes

Janelle Sullivan, Senior Manager, Business Process Solutions, DST Systems Patrick Ferguson, Patrice Leader, DST Systems

In this session we will share the macro-trends, “pain-points”, process improvement outcomes and direct customer experiences from past consulting engagements. Discover what actual customers have experienced on their journey into Digital Transformation.

Janelle Sullivan

Senior Manager, Business Process Solutions
DST Systems

Patrick Ferguson

Patrice Leader
DST Systems

6:00 PM Solution Demonstration Drive

6:20 PM How You Think Is How You Lead: Implementing Truly Human Leadership

Rich Diviney, Director of Outreach, Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute
  • Perception impacts our actionswhich impact our results
  • Organization purpose (Why) asantidote to mixed perceptions
  • All culture is local; first lineleaders set culture
  • Using your Why indecision-making and alignment to organizational purpose
  • Cultural playbook

Rich Diviney

Director of Outreach
Barry-Wehmiller Leadership Institute

7:00 PM PEX Network Awards Reception

Following the all-important awards announcements, it’s time for the after-party. Come and enjoy drinks and hors d’oeuvres with your colleagues and contacts.