Monday 23rd January, 2017

07:30 AM Workshop Registration & Coffee

08:30 AM What can you achieve in the first three years of implementing OPEX?

Dale Young, L3 (Lean) Team Leader, Pneumatic Scale Angelus
This workshop is targeted at leaders who want to start or re-invigorate a Lean Six Sigma program to achieve fast results within the first 3 years.
You will take away actionable steps and tools that you can leverage to quick-start your lean six sigma program, focusing on the culture development.
  • How do you build a culture among skeptical executives?
  • What can you do to garner buy-in for projects that take months, in lieu of slap-dash approaches that seem faster but don't really make difference?
  • Practical steps in quick-start your Lean Six Sigma culture


Dale Young

L3 (Lean) Team Leader
Pneumatic Scale Angelus

08:30 AM Digital transformation enabling new business models and elevating customer experience transformation

Guillermo Gonzalez, Transformation Services Governance Head, AIG

· Transforming customer experience by providing fully automatedSelf Service

· Leveraging Business Intelligence tools to

o track customersatisfaction

o assess opportunities tofurther automate or provide manual intervention

o monitor profitability

· Developing a new IT platform to enable the operating model

· Redefining the New Operating Model with

o redesigned products

o new process flows

o new organizationalstructure

o new Profit Centre

o new service and supportprocesses

Guillermo Gonzalez

Transformation Services Governance Head

08:30 AM The COO revolution: Digitising customer-facing front office operations for moments of truth

Rich Phillips, Chief Technology Officer, Tampa General Hospital

Thespeed of modern business has moved from faster to immediate. The asymmetry ofinformation power has flipped overnight from being corporate controlled tocustomer dominated. And the durability of your customer relationship has movedfrom mildly tolerant to single-click defection.

Thereare countless interaction points with your customers every day, each of which representsan opportunity for strengthening the relationship or risking defection. Werefer to these as “moments of truth.” Win at these points and you will win inthe market. This workshop will provide essentials on how to develop winingstrategies on your front office.

· Customercentricity as a modern business imperative

· How toget it done:Differentiation through value drivers selection

· Takinga peek at disruptive capabilities

Rich Phillips

Chief Technology Officer
Tampa General Hospital

08:30 AM Transformation from the core to drive organizational innovation and achieve topline growth

David Seth Feierstein, Transformation Office/Global Head of Zero Based Budgeting, NCR Corporation

Howdo you get to the core of transformation?

ZeroBased Budgeting has catapulted into the spotlight as a radical way ofre-engineering finance structure and as a formidable tool in the battle againstbloat for established businesses. Learnfrom the head of NCR’s newly created, Transformation Office, how to secure$300-400M in cost efficiencies to reinvest in growth, including:

· Leading business transformation from finance and measurement

· How key controls with enhanced visibility can drive bottomline change when coupled with organizational will and transparent incentives

· Creating an enterprise-wide ownership structure that drivesfinancial accountability across the business

· Delivering organizational transformation through zero basedbudgeting and operational excellence disciplines

David Seth Feierstein

Transformation Office/Global Head of Zero Based Budgeting
NCR Corporation

08:30 AM Aligning strategy and operations through process excellence to drive step change

Roop Singh, Business Process Architect, Secure Works

Tosupport enterprise wide business transformation, your operational excellenceefforts need to be closely linked to your business strategies. Participantswill take away an actionable framework they can use to align operationalexcellence efforts with their strategic goals.

· How can you effectivelytranslate strategy into improvement priorities?

· How do yousimultaneously drive strategic as well as operational improvement?

· How do you assessand adjust improvement projects to reflect the changes in strategic priorities

· What are the toolsthat can help improving visibility and measure your improvements?

Roop Singh

Business Process Architect
Secure Works

08:30 AM Developing transformative leaders

Amir Ghannad, Senior Director, Global People Excellence, Campbell Soup

Inthis workshop, the participants get to lean how to become transformativeleaders to deliver extraordinary results and accelerate transformation andperformance.

· Examine the unique role and responsibilities of leaders intransforming the culture and results of an organization

· Demonstrate the power of ServantLeadership - Putting people first and expecting them to be extraordinary

· Introduce practical leadershipapproaches that compel and empower the participants to move their organizationbeyond the constraints of the past and to the next level of performance and fulfilment

Amir Ghannad

Senior Director, Global People Excellence
Campbell Soup

08:30 AM Developing a robust business architecture to deliver the blueprint of your operational excellence strategies

Michael Noonan, Director, Business Architecture, Capita
  • Develop the business architecturepractice to deliver business vision

  • Obtaining senior management buyin to speed up your transformation

  • Connecting critical activitiesacross the company through business architecture

Michael Noonan

Director, Business Architecture

10:00 AM Morning coffee break and networking

10:30 AM Delivering an Effortless Customer Experience: Aligning your team and your processes to achieve higher Customer Loyalty

Eric A. Michrowski, Chief Executive Officer, Sentis
In today’s increasingly complex, constantly changing service context where customers have access to more choices and information and where social media allows for the rapid dissemination of service failures, organizations need to explore new methods to drive a competitive edge in Customer Experience while tapping into the Discretionary Effort of their team. By tapping into the latest Customer Experience and Human Performance research, several case studies and practical applications, this workshop geared for senior leaders will explore:
  • Proven methods to drive Customer Loyalty by redesigning processes to reduce Customer Effort while aligning internal processes through an “Outside-In” Customer journey
  • Approaches to align your team members to your desired customer outcomes to deliver a more consistent effortless experience
  • Insights from Neuroscience & Psychology to design work processes that help mobilize your workforce to achieve greater outcomes while aligning efforts to desired customer outcomes
  • Methods to deliver significant results in the short-term by tapping into the discretionary effort of your team members through a focus on driving their behaviors by tapping into their attitudes and beliefs

Eric A. Michrowski

Chief Executive Officer

10:30 AM Becoming data driven: How Process Improvement experts can help drive your organization to greater maturity in data and analytics

Jay Lebsack, Director, Process Excellence, Moffitt Cancer Centre Tim Kubal MD, Malignant Hematology, Professor, Process Excellence, Moffitt Cancer Centre
As the Moffitt Cancer Centre move towards more data driven, the operational excellence team have partnered with various internal stakeholders to drive the progress successfully.
Sharing mini case studies of how the Process Excellence Team has partnered with internal clients to make thoughtful, incremental progress in becoming data driven in both improvement work and operations
How to partner with internal BI and Analytics to build out an infrastructure
Developing an approach for areas not yet involved or adopting the tools and methods

Jay Lebsack

Director, Process Excellence
Moffitt Cancer Centre

Tim Kubal MD

Malignant Hematology, Professor, Process Excellence
Moffitt Cancer Centre

10:30 AM Developing a customer-centric business model: Learning the most powerful tools and tactics to uplift your customer journey

James Dodkins, Board Advisor, BP Group
Most of the companies have come to realization that their business transformation is largely around your customer journey. In this highly interactive session, you will take away effective tools to uplift your customer journey whilst learning about the methodology that world class companies are using.
  • The 8 step methodology that the world's leading companies use to develop a customer-centric business model
  • The Number 1 mistake 99% of companies are making when it comes to customer experience management
  • Simple questions that provide break-through results within minutes
  • The strange game that guarantees that you'll never think about customer experience in the same way again

James Dodkins

Board Advisor
BP Group

10:30 AM Design thinking: A human-centred approach for innovation and growth opportunities

As companies move from cost centred activities to developing strategies focusing on growth opportunities, people centred innovation provides enormous opportunities for identifying growth gaps and innovate.
Understanding design thinking principles, process and tools
Apply Design thinking methodology to generate people centred breakthrough ideas
Developing problem solving culture
Identifying growth opportunities by thinking out of box

10:30 AM Drive Lean Process Transformation with Low-Code Business Apps

Dave Landa, Chief Operating Officer, Kintone
Line of business managers know what improvements are needed but can't wait for a new company-wide ERP system.
Low-code business application platforms, with their powerful pre-built services, are helping companies with limited or overbooked IT resources solve their toughest business process challenges one app at a time. Agile, iterative and incremental in nature, a good low-code business application platform can easily handle complex user hierarchies, permission controls, notifications and collaboration, data security requirements, tracking and analytics dashboards, and ever-changing process needs.
If you're looking to support end users, integrate data sources, execute and report on process transformation while filling in the gaps of ERP solutions, you won't want to miss this session.

Dave Landa

Chief Operating Officer

Sponsored by: kintone

10:30 AM Sustaining a CI culture

Gaurav Swarup Bhatnagar, Managing Partner, Co-Creation Partners
“A bad system will defeat a good person every time.”
Says W. Edwards Deming and it rings true when it comes to sustainable CI culture. 60% of improvement efforts don’t last and It’s often because the culture has not sustained.
How to create a tangible and actionable plan to make your improvement culture stick is where this workshop is focusing on.
Defining culture through a behavioral lens
What are the critical behaviors the demonstrate CI
Finding the critical few in a sea of trivial many: what are they key levers that drive a CI culture
Now you have your critical drivers for CI – what to do with them (how to design your program)
Walk through an example or (preferred) have the group go through an example as an exercise

Gaurav Swarup Bhatnagar

Managing Partner
Co-Creation Partners

10:30 AM Reinvent processes and operational excellence strategies through digital transformation

Sid Probstein, CTO and VP of Professional Services, AIFoundry
For the last few years, organizations have deployed expensive, cutting-edge technology in an effort to streamline processes and offer a more competitive customer experience. The unstoppable consumerization of technology isn’t just about smartphones; today there are new enterprise-class solutions incorporating these advanced capabilities that can be deployed easily, cost effectively, without burdening internal resources. This “technology for the masses” revolutionizes competition at scale in this new digital landscape. Learn all about these new solutions that automate processes and decisions, while still delivering a great customer experience.
  • How has BPM grown beyond an automation tool
  • Hear how to deploy highly customized and responsive applications
  • Identify how to leverage the changing enterprise development paradigm

Sid Probstein

CTO and VP of Professional Services

12:00 PM Lunch and networking

1:00 PM Achieving visibility, control and consistency to trigger and sustain operational excellence

This workshop will share a practical 7 step approach to achieve a true world-class operational excellence, including: Operating Rhythm, Tactical Planning & Learning Organization. The workshop leader will also explore ways to integrate your IT platforms and processes so your team can achieve true innovation.

Sponsored by: Vantage Agora

1:00 PM From Process Modeling to Execution: How to successfully master process implementation projects

  • Developing effective modelling to suit your project scale and requirements
  • Identifying core improvement areas and critical success factors
  • Defining measurement objectives and reporting methods
  • A value stream modelling and execution case study

Sponsored by: Signavio

1:00 PM Using Continuous Improvement and the Client Journey & Experience to Complete Large Scale Integration : Featuring a deep dive on Client-Experience planning from a recent acquisition

Deb Lindway, Director, Enterprise Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement, Key Bank
As you undergo a plethora of improvement projects, how do you know which ones will contribute the greatest value to your clients? Key bank has taken a true customer-centric approach during their recent acquisition of another major financial services firm and have leveraged CI tools to achieve seamless integration, focusing on the client & employee experience.
  • How to use CI to identify the most impactful customer centric process improvements?
  • Taking a true customer centric approach during merger & acquisition
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to change your customer journey

Deb Lindway

Director, Enterprise Lean Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement
Key Bank

1:00 PM Robotic process automation (RPA): how OpEx can play a crucial role in ensuring its success

James Hall, CEO, Genfour
RPA: what it is and what it isn’t
Working out the business case for automation of particular processes: when is it more cost effective to include manual handling?
Conducting an assessment to find the right tool for the job, identifying the opportunity for automation in your operations
Mobilizing your RPA program
How to maximize success and build momentum:
o Identifying and engaging key stakeholders
o Change management tips to underpin the success of the rollout
o Building a library of reusable components
o Integration into legacy systems: tips and tricks
Benefit realization: working with business unit managers to identify the desired outcomes of implementation, and how to track and verify the success
Building/buying the right capabilities
Ongoing utilization of RPA tools and beyond

James Hall


1:00 PM Re-imagine your business process: agile, compliant with improved decision making

Kramer Reeves, Chief Marketing Officer, Sapiens DECISION Gil Segal, Head of Practice for DECISION, Sapiens
Understanding and coping with the enhanced regulatory landscape
Developing a business centric decision management system
How to achieve agility and compliant at the same time

Kramer Reeves

Chief Marketing Officer

Gil Segal

Head of Practice for DECISION

Sponsored by: Sapiens DECISION

1:00 PM Using Kaizen system to develop a continuous improvement culture

Sarah Snyder, Head of Methodology, Training and Sustainability, Zurich

Kaizenis a powerful tool for improving and transforming the organization in small,every day, incremental steps that do not lose effectiveness over time. Besidesthe tangible benefits, Kaizen is regarded as a most effective technique toimprove engagement and culture within a company.

· Understand the fundamentals of Kaizen and its importance as acentral aspect of a lean system

· How is Kaizen system installing culture of engagement andimprovement

Sarah Snyder

Head of Methodology, Training and Sustainability

1:00 PM Achieving new levels of back office efficiency through real-time insights and process optimization

David Geffen, Director of Marketing, Enterprise Back Office Solutions, NICE

This workshop is designed for the audience to learn how to streamline the back office operations and better manage workforce performance. You will leave the session with a clearer understanding on how to allocate resources, schedule and measure workforce performance to achieve new levels of efficiency.

Transformation begins with visibility that’s powered by real-time insights

Creating new business capabilities through back office optimization

Identifying and removing bottlenecks


David Geffen

Director of Marketing, Enterprise Back Office Solutions

Sponsored by: NICE Systems

2:00 PM Registration for OPEX Week 2017 (for non-workshop attendees)

2:30 PM Afternoon coffee and networking

3:00 PM PEX Week Opening

Brenton Harder, Director, BNY Mellon

Brenton Harder

BNY Mellon

3:15 PM BIG IDEAS KEYNOTE PRESENTATION: How to Think Like a Founder - from process excellence to lean innovation

Suneel Gupta, Founder and CEO, Rise, Former VP of Product Development, Groupon, Visionary Product and Innovation Leader,
As the business world shifts from competing with physical assets and people to data and software, leaders need to push new boundaries and develop process innovation capabilities. They need to think and behave like Founders. This keynote session shares what it means to think and behave like a Founder, grounded in lessons learned through building products that quickly reached hundreds of millions of people, and produced billions of dollars in revenue.

Suneel Gupta

Founder and CEO, Rise, Former VP of Product Development, Groupon, Visionary Product and Innovation Leader

3:45 PM COO keynote panel discussion: Achieving world class business capability through customer-centric process-led business transformation

Steven Carleton, COO - Global Shipping, eBay Inc Greg Pflum, Vice President and General Manager, BASF Corporation , , Corinne Reisert, Head of Process Governance, SAP Productivity Consulting Group, SAP SE
Chief operating officers from cross industry will take the stage in this keynote session to share their business priorities in today’s fast changing business environment. What does world class business capability look like and what decisions do these chief operating officers need to make to take their organisations through the transformation journey. Key discussion points include:
How does world class business capability look in today’s business environment and how do we get there
What’s the role of digital transformation and how is that shifting investment priorities
Process vs technology: How do they complement each other to enable a true enterprise wide transformation
How is transformation taking place in front office and back office and what could go wrong

Steven Carleton

COO - Global Shipping
eBay Inc

Greg Pflum

Vice President and General Manager
BASF Corporation

Corinne Reisert

Head of Process Governance, SAP Productivity Consulting Group

4:30 PM Keynote: Business excellence & innovation in a ever more connected business world

Sponsored by: Microsoft Project

Sponsored by: Microsoft Visio

So you have made it to OPEX week, but how can you drive the mostvalue out of it? This is your chance to hear top tips and advice fromyour peers about how they have gained real value from the most intensive andexciting week in the OPEX calendar. In order to help you get the most out ofyour investment, our panel of delegates share their key takeaways andhighlights from last year and what they are going to do differently this timeround.

Ron Green

Director of Process Excellence
Port of Virginia

Shayne Ginder

Director of Performance Improvement
Sunrise Senior Living

Maria Pamment

Director Performance Optimization

5:30 PM Competing for the Future: The Future of Continuous Improvement

John Biedry, Senior Director, Global Lean Enterprise, Nike
The world is changing, business is changing, and all of it is changing faster than ever before. Business is experiencing a revolution rather than evolution. So with change impacting business like never before how has operational excellence changed and where it is heading into the future? What are we doing and what do we need to do differently to be able to compete in the future.
  • How has operational excellence methodologies changed over the years
  • How will the deployment change to adapt to business changes
  • Leading the change: What are key initiatives from Nike to shape the future of continuous improvement

John Biedry

Senior Director, Global Lean Enterprise

6:00 PM OPEX Week Announcements & Close of Day 1

6:30 PM OPEX Networking Reception

With750 attendees at OPEX Week, you will want all the chances possible to meet,mingle, introduce & interact with other participants. Come and have acocktail at the OPEX Week opening drinks reception and get to know the otherattendees.