Chief Operating & Transformation Officer Summit 2018 - Agenda

Chief Operating & Transformation Officer Summit 2018 - Agenda

Today, the world’s five largest companies by market capitalization are all from the technology sector, changing from a diversified basket of energy, manufacturing and banking giants in just 10 years. The big question that all the C-suites need to answer is: Is my business still relevant?

What is required of today’s C-suites could well turn into a new Mission: Impossible movie, yet it can not be learned from flipping through past lessons. C-suites are more than ever challenged to make sure their organizations stay relevant and competitive in today’s unpreceded market place, serving new generations of customer and with ever evolving powerful technological tools that was unimaginable before.

More over, the lines between C-suite roles are getting blurrier. COO, CSO, CIO, CFOs are ultimately challenged to become multi skilled chief transformation officers and make bolder and faster decisions to guide through their transformation to leap into the future of growth. For the first time, OPEX Week: Business Transformation World Summit incorporates the Chief Operating & Transformation Officer Summit to discuss exactly how the C-suites can cut through the complexity and discover their unique opportunities to exponential growth.

Core themes at the Chief Operating & Transformation Officer Summit:

  • Business model innovation for top line growth
  • A survival strategy for digital transformation
  • Transformation through leadership

Download the COO & Chief Transformation Officer Summit agenda now for a look at the speakers and their presentation details >>

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